St. Louis artist Lyfestile joins forces with Kenautis Smith to bring forth some hard truths… and let’s face it – 2017 has been a crazy year all around. Referencing everything from inequities in education, white soul singers to “Freaks and Geeks” and Serena Williams.

“Hold on” is the third installment of the series and it’s a great representation of the body of work that Kenautis Smith and I have built over the past year. The production is funky and expertly executed. I got to display a few components of my lyrical style. There’s a little bit of humor (We don’t take ourselves so serious that we can’t have some fun…but when y’all hear the whole record…… it’s SERIOUSLY I reference black power, Serena Williams, Esperanza Spalding, Judd Apatow my experiences with the music business, reparations for black people and a lot more in just two verses. – It’s just a glimpse at the things that go on in my brain, and it’s a shout out to those brothers and sisters out there who may be a little different from the norm. We all have our quirks… hopefully, we can make them work for us is a positive way.” – Lyfestile

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