Jeff Patron releases his new Red Williamson-directed music video for “Green Light” in anticipation of his upcoming full-length album, Nevergreen. “Green Light” is the first visual release from the project and is produced by Northwest beatmaker Smoke M2D6. The battle rapper will be dropping an impressive five videos this month, which is very appropriate considering the message of the song. All he sees is “Green Light.” Green means go. He does not intend to slow his grind down, not even for a second.
Watch “Green Light” below.

About Jeff Patron
Jeff Patron of just Patron as he’s known in the battle rap world is on a mission to let people know that he is not just a battle rapper but a talented recording artist as well. 2017 saw the release of a new project, music video and multiple battles across the United States. Now as we near the end of the year Patron looks to go out with a bang.

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