Almost exactly a year ago, Noveliss release is 9-track EP Mic Swordz. Now he’s back with Dilla Instinct, his first EP of 2017. The project is a tribute to the late, great producer J Dilla. Dilla is quite possibly, one of the most influential musicians of our time. His reach was and still is global, and the interwebs are not short of tributes in Jay Dee’s honor. I often approach such tributes with caution. I’ve heard one too many emcee tackle a Dilla beat and fail and I’m against the distribution and sale of his unreleased beats. But this offering from Noveliss is not a cringeworthy attempt to make a dollar off Dilla’s legacy. In fact, the Detroit emcee handles each instrumental with the utmost care and respect. No sloppy, half-assed bars or feigned emotion. Themed around his favorite fighting game, Killer Instinct, the Clear Soul Forces lyricist kicks some serious verbal Kung-Fu. With Dilla’s beats as the cushion to ease each formidable blow, this EP is worthy of all the praise. Dilla most certainly changed his life. Stream Dilla Instinct below.



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