Boston-based lyricist Dexter Soul follows up his 2016, 6-track Sorry I’m Late EP with his second offering, In My Own Lane. Dexter aims to show his versatility as an Emcee and creative whilst striving to give his listeners quality lyricism. As Dexter delivers his songs over newer school beats, this album is sure to fill the void and disconnect that Hip-Hop fans feel while exploring new artist in today’s industry. Stream below.

About Dexter
Demetrius “Dexter Soul” Bizzell is a Hip-Hop artist from Boston, MA. Dexter Soul first became interested in pursuing music in 2009 when introduced to the production software FL Studio by a friend. He started chopping samples and making loops in the program and instantly became infatuated. This eventually led Dexter Soul to exploring his talents as an MC. Dexter soon realized he had a gift for creating music. Focusing primarily on Rapping now, Dexter Soul brings a refreshing breath of classic lyricism, to the new era, new age feel of modern Hip-Hop. Some of Dexter Souls greatest influencers are artist such as Ryan Leslie, Lupe Fiasco, Biggie Smalls, Logic, Jay Cole, Big Sean, and many others. Priding himself on being a versatile artist who only produces true to life and substantial music, Dexter Soul is sure to become a household name, and staple in the music industry.


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