The video for Karriem Riggins‘ new video “Bahia Dreamin'” is so full of love and whimsy. I know it’s only Tuesday, but this is my favorite video of the weeks so far and it will be a hard one to beat. As he drums away in the background of the Calmatic-directed visuals, a beautiful young queen awakes from her slumber and gets her day cracking. As the sun beams through her white window panels, the leading lady pours herself a mug of hot tea and nods her head to the music playing in the background. That is until the record begins to skip. After she hurries over to the record player to flip the vinyl over to it’s B-side, she showcases a few of her best moves before an unexpected visitor turns up on her doorstep. “Bahia” then jumps out of her sleep. Apparently, it was all just a dream… or perhaps a forewarning for her to change her ways?
The instrumental switches up three times but each and every one time it does, the beat perfectly encapsulates Bahia’s mood. The song is taken from Riggins’ recent release Headnod Suite.


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