Open Mike Eagle revisits his 2015 EP, >A Special Episode Of and delivers the visual for the EP’s Exile-produced track, “Dark Comedy Late Show”. There’s a reason he’s best mates with comedy star Hannibal Burress. Check the video out below featuring Open Mike’s own special brand of Dark Comedy, combining both quick on trigger gags with brutal truths.
“I’m a rapper, we lament being broke/All the comics get money, but they spend it on coke/ You can watch us on the newsfeeds/ F*cking y’all’s mornings up/ Until America admits that it likes dogs more than us…”

About Open Mike Eagle
One of LA’s smartest young voices says the LA Times…which the artist suspects, may just be a covert way of saying LA is dumb. “Open” Mike Eagle wouldnt terribly mind, being born and raised in Chicago where the painful winters and his uppity grandparents kept him inside as a youth. He spent his formative years watching alternative music happen on MTV and hoping to one day be able to audition for the Native Tongues. As a young adult after graduating with a degree in Psychology, he did the next best thing and moved to Los Angeles, joining the Project Blowed collective where he made music and toured with Busdriver, Aceyalone, Abstract, Nocando, and more. He’s also gained notoriety in the world of comedy by being invited by professional funny people (Paul F. Tompkins, Hannibal Buress, Matt Besser/UCB) to rap at their shows. He’d like to be rap’s Kurt Vonnegut but recognizes that he’d first have to create something as iconic as the four-stroke illustration of an anus. He practices by releasing rap albums that delight, entertain, and confuse.

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