There is no doubt about it. Tasha the Amazon is a bonafide “firestarter” and she makes it official with her new video “Watch It Burn”, directed by Colin G Cooper. In the video, the Canadian spitter ventures out into a snowstorm to set fire to a building, as kaleidoscopic fireworks explode around them. Although we are almost through with March, the is the riotous rapper’s first visual of 2017. That’s not to say that she hasn’t been busy tearing down stages. Just a few days ago she was in Texas lighting up several SXSW platforms (figuratively speaking of course). The week before that she was performing in all the way down in sunny Mexico. The year has only just begun, but we can all be sure that the Amazon has enough planned for this to be a legendary one. And in January, Tasha tweeted that she had shot two videos in two days, so methinks there’ll be another video coming along sooner rather than later.
“Watch It Burn” is taken from Tasha’s 8-track EP, Die Every Day.



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