MURS and Curtiss King dabble in the dating scene for their colorful new video, “Lemon Juice”. The backdrop is reminiscent of an old dating show we used to have back in the UK called Blind Date. In the show, the contestant has to choose between three potential dates. In “Lemon Juice”, it is solely MURS and Curtiss who are competing for a date with the gorgeous bachelorette sat on the opposite side of the screen. Of course from the offset, the emcee’s good sportsmanship flies out of the window pretty swiftly. As they exchange lyrical blows, King mocks MURS’ wooly beard and his gaudy looking leggings and then in return, MURS goes in on King’s bad breath and low-key rap career. Ultimately, neither are chosen as the plot takes a surprising twist.

The song is off MURS’ new album Captain California.



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