Britonian Grime emcee Big Narstie releases the first single “They Don’t Know” featuring Xaviour, off his upcoming album. On the track, Big Narstie takes us on an introspective journey and shows us what life was life the streets of Brixton. Narstie took to hustling on the street corners as a young man to try and escape poverty. One of my favorite quotes is that there is “Beauty In The Struggle”, and this video bears witness to this ideology. Despite his mother having to struggle to make ends meet and even with his brother being sent to jail, Big Narstie persevered and did not stop until he made a success of himself.
Big Narstie is known for being somewhat of a comedian, even through his music. But this video shows a softer side to the Eastenders buff, made ever more poignant by Xaviour’s melodious hooks and adlibs. Stream “They Don’t Know” below.



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