I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. When I receiving emails from up and coming rappers featuring verses over “classic beats’, I usually cringe. Like, I get it I do. Paying homage in Hip-Hop is a must. And there’s nothing wrong with showing love to the artists who’ve influenced your craft, but many of these type submissions do not these classic instrumentals justice. So a few minutes, I receive a submission for a young, Floridian rapper calling himself Jay Wonder. DJ Premier is on the artwork. I cringe. But his submission includes everything I’ve outlined in the Rawroots submissions guide, so I press play… And I’m blown away. Instantly.
Everything from his wordplay to his delivery is virtually flawless. Jay Wonder carries himself on the mic as though he has a profound respect for the culture. A diamond in the rough. The EP itself was recorded, mixed and mastered all by Wonder too. Not to mention his witty sense of humor. “(IF LIL’ UZI WON’T RAP OVER PREEMO BEATS, THEN I WILL.)”. Hopefully, we will be hearing a lot more from this sterling young talent.
Stream the EP in full below.
On the song’s Soundcloud page he writes “To DJ Premier, Samantha Delroscio, Charles Hamilton, Ryan Gisonni, James Hobbs, Katana Veski, Young Pro, Phase One, Gady Gaspard (RIP), Rah Godley, Sean J, Chaz Carter, & my inspirations, Thank you.”.



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