Beasley’s Corner Bodega member Izzy Strange‘s “Gods Got A Gun” kicks off with an iconic quote from the 1997 Al Pacino/Keanu Reeves movie The Devil’s Advocate. Perfect timing really. The country is still really from President Trump’s first address to Congress. No doubt, the man upstairs has a weird sense of humor. As Strange questions the increasingly dark world around him, Mike Incite‘s cynical hook compounded with Casa Nova‘s brewing instrumental and a second Pacino sample, it’s fair to say that the message is a somber as its title.
This video is his the fifth from his upcoming A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy album which features the likes of Eligh, Open Mike Eagle, Blu and more.

A Little About Izzy Strange
Stephen Hernley better known as Izzy Strange is an artist, producer, and Co-Founder of Beasley’s Corner Bodega based in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA in the small town of Scottdale. With a love for pushing his own limits, Izzy has a diverse arsenal of music. He’s in numerous groups and side projects such as Middle Name Danger with Zeus and Strangers With Candy with his brother, Chuurch, where he experiments with his approach, delivery, and over all input. Each project is a way to present a different perspective, and allows a broader look at who Izzy is.



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