Terrace Martin‘s love for the city of Compton has been something he’s worn on his sleeves from the beginning. Today, he debuted the video to his new release “Compton”. The song is a beautiful, jazzy ode to a place he wasn’t born in. But even so, Martin grew to love as if it were his home. Grammy award winning songstress Lalah Hathaway‘s vocals perfectly enhance the canvas that is Terrace’s saxophone. The outcome is a gritty, well-rounded view of Compton, in all of it’s diverse splendour.
In an interview with Billboard, Terrace Martin explains:
“As far as the song in particular, I was dating a young woman in Oakland that was a beautiful lady and taught me a lot about Oakland culture and different things. She just showed me so much about that city that it felt like it was my home, but I wasn’t from there. It’s different than any other city because there’s so much knowledge with the art, and I truly believe because it has something to do with Oakland being one of the most soulful cities.”
Watch “Compton” below.




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