Boldy James makes his return (after a two-year hiatus), and unveils his 7-track EP, The Art of Rock Climbing an ode to his hometown, Detroit and inspired by a longtime childhood staple, LEGO. The collaboration with DJ Butter, documents his time away from the music spotlight.
The Art of Rock Climbing is about a few different things,” Boldy James explains. “The artwork has the four founding fathers of Detroit hip-hop as the heads of Mount Rushmore with me and DJ Butter scaling them. The art can be interpreted as showing how getting out of Detroit is akin to scaling a fucking mountain – don’t too many people make it out: they die, they go to jail. Another interpretation is a nod to my former rock slinging days. Another interpretation is that it’s about chasing dead presidents – that’s what we all after. That’s what we all about in the ghetto: it’s all about the money. Halfway through making The Art of Rock Climbing, I went away for a while. I was on the run for a year and got caught up for ‘fleeing and eluding’ for a weed violation I got in the suburbs and then everything got caught up to me, I had to deal with a bunch of warrants, probation violations and took a plea but still had to pay fines and be gone for a few months. Once I got out, DJ Butter and I finished it up and here it is.”


Also, peep Boldy James’ new video “Skantless” (also released today) featuring Eddie Stubbles, Redi Rock and Tommy.





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