Hailing from Indianapolis, IN artist Pope Adrian Bless has used his platform to tackle issues that many others would rather sweep under the carpet.  In a world that seems to be becoming ever darker, Pope’s music is a reflection of the fears and anxieties many of us share. Having just released his Eastern Conference EP, Pope Adrian Bless talks to Rawroots.com about his projects past and present and on why the U.S.’s recent change in administration will not alter his mission.


We’re at the top of 2017 and Trump is now President. Has this change in regime shifted your focus for the next 12 months at all?


No because my daughter will eat. Regardless of whom takes a political position of power. As long as my seed is able to indulge in the fruit of her father’s labor, Kodak Black could be president *laughs*. But honestly, no. My paradigm doesn’t shift due to anything that’s going on, outside of me. I’m still going hard for the rejects, juveniles, and outsiders. That’s my responsibility and that’ll never be compromised.

Birdcage Sessions Presents: Eastern Conference received a lot of love. It is pretty dark in parts. Would you say that your albums/EP’s are therapeutic?