We haven’t spotlighted any brands for a while here at Rawroots.com but it’s certainly something I’d like to get back to doing on a more regular basis.
I’d like to kick it off with something cool I purchased not too long ago. Hard Genre are a black-owned business and their pieces are supremely awesome. Their Yeezy S Thompson pins will be a must-have for most fans of Kanye. What better way to reboot the section than with an image so intrinsic to the culture of Hip Hop?

Inspired by the artwork of renowned painter Takashi Murakami, the fashion sense of the late great author Hunter S. Thompson and the legacy of musical genius Kanye West.

Their soft enamel Yeezy s Thompson pin (illustrated by their artist XZACKT) is great add-on to you backpacks,jackets any other cool fashion accessories, and a steal at just $12. Get yours right here!




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