Elite Grime MC Big Narstie tackles a few life’s unanswered questions in these mini cuts for BBC Three. In this video, Big Narstie puts to bed the argument whether is it ok whether or not white people say “Wagwan”?

I have to say, being somebody who grew up in London for almost all of my life, I agree with Big Narstie’s stance. Taking its roots from the Jamaican greeting “Wha Gwan” or “What a gwan”, the UK urban slang is very heavily influenced by its dense Caribbean population. Speaking also as a Jamaican-born Londoner, for me, my stance is also deeply rooted in respect. People can and do gravitate towards the culture/ environment that they feel they can relate to. But always respect the roots of that culture and give credit where credit is due. Culture runs deeper than purely just skin color, and even across the pond in my homeland of Jamaica, you will find many whites and Asians speaking the duttiest Patois.
Back to London though… just don’t force it. Be yourself!

Check out Big Nartie’s video for African vs Caribbean Parents below.





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