Atlanta artist Fa$t Life is in the early stages of his career and has already collaborated with some industry heavyweights. This week, the rising star released a mega banger featuring international superstar Waka Flocka.

We figured we should grab an interview with him before he goes stratospheric and hard to reach. Check out our interview with Fa$t Life below.


As an artist born and bred in Atlanta, how does it feel to see the changes both in the city and in the music industry over the past few years?

Honestly, it’s a blessing to see the progression and growth of the music scene in Atlanta. The underground scene is massive, and some of those artists have a bigger fan base than artists with a record deal. I love my city for being so creative and innovative with sounds and constant growth.
Do you think Atlanta being somewhat of a hip-hop Mecca has added to or diluted the magic the city has/had?

I definitely think there’s still that Magic because at any given moment in Atlanta you will find an opportunity that’s perfect for you. Don’t get it twisted, it’s harder than ever for real shit to surface, but that drives the competition which drives growth and innovation.
You’ve worked with some major artists and producers, who’s been your favorite to work with?

My favorite artists or producers to work with would be Villa Beatz,  Southside, DY and Fresh of 808 Mafia always making something crazy. My favorite artist to work with as of now is hard to say because every artist I’ve worked with had a totally different energy and vibe. Waka always teaches me shit anytime we work, and that’s priceless. Bangladesh also taught me a lot as well as Khalil.


You are about to release your track with Waka Flocka. How did you two connect and what can we expect?

Me and Waka linked through Southside in 2014 -2015  while I was in Toronto working on my project. He was working on his album at the time we vibed naturally so he let me use the studio. I made crazy records, and he has been a mentor in a way to me ever since. The whole 808 / BSM Squad did a lot for me in my career, and I’m just grateful for the experiences and opportunities to get to work with one of my favorite artists.


You are also a producer. How do you decide which beats to keep for yourself and which to pass on to other artists?

It’s all about the sound. Certain sounds match certain people like clothes fit people so it’s all about what’s right for who and what sounds were designed for the track. Every beat is different, some get sent right away others are held for years.


Have you had a chance to check out the new FX series, Atlanta? If so, what are your thoughts on the show and they way the city is portrayed?

Haven’t seen the show but I’ve heard great things, and I have a lot of respect for Donald Glover so I know the show is awesome. I would not doubt that man portrays the city exactly how it needs to be portrayed. I feel like his organic way of doing things and getting super in-depth about his work speaks volumes. Ill carve some time out to binge watch it soon.


Which other artists do you hope to work with in the near future and why?

I would love to work with King Kruel his sound is trill wave, Phantogram has some of the best production of all time, Q-Tip, wiz and Lil Wayne. They’ve all influenced me, and I would love to just make something out of this world with any of them.



Tell us a little about 199X and when is it dropping?

199X is made by 90’s babies for the 90’s babies. The project is designed to take you into this new world. I’m speaking for 90s Babies in general on this project as if they wrote it themselves. Content is pure relatable to the youth, made by the youth. I think we can expect a release early 2017. We will be dropping plenty of music on the SoundCloud during the fourth quarter also.


Will you be performing at any festivals between now and the new year?

At the moment my team and I are focusing our energy into the new project, releasing music we have in the vault and doing the media stuff. I expect to be on the road leading up to the release of ‘199X’ for sure, though.


Tell us one thing about you as an artist/producers that you really want fans to know?

 I want fans to really know everything about this Fast Life music and the campaign is authentic. This is the new blueprint for my generation, I speak for those who can’t speak about the issues that need to be addressed and yet still make the best music possible. We are living in historic and changing times, I want you to know I do this for you, I speak for you, 90s Babies forever!


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