The controversy surrounding Afrika Bambaataa shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Today, Bambaataa’s former roommate and current Zulu Nation manager Amad Henderson has come forward to refute any suggestions that he had any knowledge of any abuse. Talking to Shot 97 host Star, Amed, also says that Afrika Bambaataa recently lied during his radio interview with Ed Lover and Monie Love with regards to knowing his first accuser Ronald Savage aka B Stinger.
These allegations may be uncomfortable for many, but it is important that we address them as a community. If crimes have been committed it is important to address them and not to turn a blind eye… That ain’t hip-hop. The Babies Are The Greatest! Peep the video below.


You can also watch Star’s interview with Bambaataa’s former bodyguard, who alleges that Bambaataa could have abused hundreds of boys over the years.





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