Spike Lee finally dropped the trailer for his forthcoming film, Chiraq, and of course, not everyone is happy about it. Fortunately, I am not one of those people. Only Spike Lee could take an ancient Greek play, flip it on its head and it still appeal completely to its target audience. Chiraq is a tale bargaining to the nth degree. The women of the movie take a vow abstinence to try and railroad the gun-toting male population of Chi-Town to abstain from gun violence. But of course, any kind of Black cinema that is thought-provoking and not the typical, shoot ’em up bang-bang, drugs and hustling story would be poo-pooed by critics who haven’t even seen the movie yet. I for one, can’t wait for it to drop. Samuel L. Jackson (one of my favorite actors), but the movie has an all-star cast as you’ll be able to see in the clip. Let’s try not to judge until we’ve at least seen the film – and not just a teaser.
Spike Lee = Genius. Peep the trailer below.

CHI-RAQ Trailer from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks on Vimeo.






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