New York artist Latasha Alcindor is consistently rocking New York shows and is getting ready to drop a dope new project in 2016. We asked her to give us her three most important reads of 2015. Here’s her list.
Nejma by Nayyirah Waheed is the Black, 20-40 something year old woman giving us her eyes. It kept me on my ground all year and reminded me about identity, my stance and my heart. It was the answer to “why I am” for a large portion of my year and so many chunks of its bars stay within my memory. “Just for tonight…just for tonight. be the tenderest thing. in the universe.” 


Mastery by Robert Greene was recommended to me by a consultant at Genius. She told me it would discipline my artistry with honing. It’s a challenge to get through but some points get to your mind in a way that truly is transformative. I took many of its quotes and pasted it on my walls as reminders.

bone by Yrsa-Daley Ward truly felt like looking in the mirror while reading it. It gets down into one bone in a specific spot of the body, like the Achilles, and digs into you in a weird loving but deeply cutting manner. It’s like she is telling herself, these stories and poetries, to say I love you but you need to hear this.


If you haven’t peeped it yet, check out Latasha’s newest video, “The Island”.


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