Here’s six more undiscovered musical gems for your playlist.

This week’s musical journey takes us first to Italy, where Nick Festari treats us to 6 tracks of 80s Rock / Electro flavoured tunes.

Our next port of call is London where we are treated to sublime music courtesy of the sensually voiced Fifi Rong, originally from China but now trying to establish herself in the UK.

From the ashes of El Born emerges Goldbirds, who are a London based four piece group that describe themselves as “a straight up Rock and Roll Band”.

Their first musical offering is Silver and Gold, which is chock full of energetic beats, powerful vocals, catchy instrumentals and a melody that entertains you from the first note all the way through to the fade out.

Jess King is a Musician/Songwriter, originally from New York but now living in Paris, France. Her debut EP treats us to 5 tracks which showcase the various vocal talents of Miss King.

I had the pleasure of catching Moria, who is one half of the talented Israeli Double Act that are Marbl at an Open Mic Night in 2013. Moria performed London In The Rain with haunting vocals, a moving melody and lyrics which reflected the melody, this was amazing to listen to.

They are soon set to release their EP, which is now available for pre-order on iTunes –

Last on the list of this week’s delightful musical offering is Pandora’s Diary, they recorded three acoustic performances in some of Asia’s most exotic locations.

With Sarah’s soft vocals and some talented guitarists this is one unforgettable jam session, Sarah really has a penchant for performing in some pretty unique locations.

In her own words Pandora’s Diary is as a life artist and she adds magic to her life, surroundings and the people she encounters.

Musically she performs both as a solo folk musician and also as part of of the Whirling Dervish Project which also features Maya Curry on Flute and David Naylor on Tabla and she also collaborates with songwriter Leonheard and rapper I.T from time to time.


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