New Vanderslice project, but this one is purely instrumental (which I love). Instrumental albums are prefect brain fodder, and quirky producer Vanderslice has a delectable few treats for you all on Fully Loaded, available for purchase on iTunes.
“I decided on my birthday to give YOU all the gift of music. Fully Loaded is a collection of my favorite instrumentals from the past & present releases. Songs we’ve done with Freddie Gibbs, Alchemist, Evidence, AWAR, Vinnie Paz, Outerspace, Roc Marciano, and more. I also added all of the instrumentals from the songs on Everything’s Awesome as well as a few from The Winning Team to round out the tracklist. 20 beats in all for a mere 8 – 10 dollars depending on where you shop online. We appreciate the continued support and really.. what better way to celebrate my birthday??” Vanderslice



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