Amber Mimz‘ cute, quirky style has earned her the adoration and respect of many and her fanbase continues to grow. Having already featured on SoulTrain, several times on AFROPUNK and on notable outlets such as, YHTN and The Vocal Vixen as well as opening up for Asher Roth, Amber’s career appears to be moving in the right direction an at the right speed.
Rawroots chats with Amber Mimz to find out a little more about the lady behind the piano…
The Life Of Riley’s been doing well. Did you anticipate people would dig it this much?

Thanks! No, I hoped they would but I didn’t anticipate it at all. It can be surreal sometimes hearing people sing along in shows or genuinely wanting to support your work. It feels so right… and I know it’s only the beginning.

Who is Amber Mimz? What are her loves and her dislikes? Things that inspire you.

Amber Mimz is, an artist completely. A woman, A hustler, a chill lil lady. My loves include fellowship, art, family, friends, food, Style, adventure and travel. As an artist I find that these things are an integral part of my happiness. Figuring out what makes you happy is a part of figuring out what makes you, you. I don’t take that for granted.  My dislikes?… Anything that isn’t in line with my likes *winks*

I’m Inspired by so much. My top 5 inspirations would be images (I’m a very visual and hands on person) seeing others express themselves creatively, sound, love and the acts of others. I observe a lot and how those inspirations (positive, neutral or negative) manifest with in me is the awesome part.

Rules you live by?

Ooh.. I’m not good with rules. I just prefer to Live… I will say this though. You gotta be you and nobody else, everyone else is already taken.

Mimz1Whose music are you currently really in to? 

Right now? Roy Ayers, Moonchild, Iman Omari, Kimbra, Bobby Humphrey and Billy Paul. I recently got into Wiz (I know I’m hella late but I had to give it a second chance with a different perspective) I’m really into male singers right now. The ease of there voice is where I am right now.

Describe your sense of style?

Someone asked me the same question not to long ago and I came to realize that my style is just an extension of how I feel. I have a few go-to items but it depends on my mood. I will say that it’s unique, comfortable and feminine. Stylistically I’m a lover of the 60’s-70’s, lace, patterns, sequin and dope sneaker every now and then.

What’s your favorite thing about performing live?

The Energy! Hands down is the best high in the world (to me at least). There’s nothing like a show full of dope vibes, from the band to the audience to the sound engineers and staff at the venue. Energy is so real and it definitely makes a show a memorable experience. It makes you strive to continue to have the same or better moments like those experiences.

What can we expect next?

More music! More collaborations, more writing and production, more expressions of art, more love, more candid rawness, more of me. I’m changing and evolving as every artist should and I love that people are invested in being a part of and witnessing the process.




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