As the gaming industry expands into a variety of different niches, one of the more popular new breed of genres is music based games. With more interactive games being released into the market, as well as adaptations to the traditional gaming, music games can provide fun for the whole family. Here are a few examples of the best music games to be released:

Guitar Hero

Have you always dreamed of being a rock God, playing riffs to thousands of adoring fans? Well you’ll fall in love with Guitar Hero, where you can play along to the tracks made famous by the likes of Hendrix and Jimmy Page. You play the game on a guitar shaped controller, pressing the chord buttons in the correct order and in time to score points.

Vinyl Countdown

To keep up with the rise in popularity of online casinos such as Gaming Club, the cleverly named Vinyl Countdown (a play on Europe’s mega hit The Final Countdown) was created. The retro online slot game is a throwback to the jiving and petticoats era of the 1950’s, when the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and King Elvis dominated the charts. With a simple 5 reel set up, the slot has 9 play-line features and gives gamers the ability to win big through the glitter ball scatter symbols.
Dancing Stage Euromix

The dream game for every young girl, Dancing Stage Euromix became an instant hit when it was released for the original Playstation in 1999. Based on the arcade machine game, Euromix was played on an interactive dance mat, which acted as a controller, and players would have to press the correct direction in time with the music. The game included tracks by Gloria Gaynor, Cameo and even “Video Killed The Radio Star” by the Buggles!

Def Jam Rapstar

As Cyprus Hill said “you wanna be a rap superstar and live large, big house 5 cars?” You might not have the ability of the finest rappers in the world, but Def Jam Rapstar is the next best thing. The game is a more hardcore version of karaoke, and gamers can play both a career mode or just enjoy the game in a party atmosphere with friends.

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