It’s been a few years since we last spoke to Buk of Psychodrama. in 2011, he told us that he had started working on his album The Deep EndWe’re amped to say that the album has finally been released, so we’re chopping it up with Buk again to get the deets on the new album.


Tell us about The Deep End?

The Deep End is my first solo album that I just released on May 13th, 2014, on my own label The Padded Room Recording Company. The album is available everywhere online through Cd Baby, so you can purchase it on iTunes, Google Play, Rhapsody etc… and I also have autographed copies  of the album at and


How long did the album take to create?

Honestly… I have been working on this album for many years off and on  so its hard to put a timeline on it, but  when I finally did focus on the tracks that I wanted, it took about a year to complete.


Features, how did you select them?

The features that I have on the album are really close friends of mine and people that I sincerely respect in music, so it was pretty easy choosing who I wanted to work with, It just took a little experimenting with a few different songs until I got the sound that I wanted. I have a song with Twista called “Weapons Grade”, that is just another  dope installment in our collection of songs since “Adrenaline Rush” in 1997. I have a song with DaWreck of Triple Darkness called “Wait For It”. I have a song called “GO OFF” with an upcoming Chicago female emcee named Sweet Juices, and I have a song called “Medication” featuring my groupmates Newsense and Psyde of Psychodrama, as well as production by SupremeTrackz, Wildstyle of Crucial Conflict, Joey Hustle, T.E.C., 110% Pure, Jamahl Rashid, Dex Dynasty, and myself.


Has the reception of the album been what you’ve expected it would be?

Yeah, the reception has been crazy. I have had people buying the album all over the country(U.S.A.) and in the U.K, Australia, Japan, Russia…etc. It’s been really cool to see that people all over are receptive of the music that I am doing, especially with no radio play, no big flashy promotion, just word of mouth and honest marketing. I know that eventually it will catch the attention of the mainstream audience and grow into something extremely big.


How do you feel about the evolution of Chicago rap – ChiRaq?

I think that it is dope. I always tell people that I support any new style to add to Chicago hip hop and the rap game in general. That is what the Hip Hop culture is about, progression and originality. These young people made something new, something that is different from everybody else, and I admire that innovation because that’s the same thing that we did (PSYCHODRAMA) when we came out back in the early 90’s, we made our own sound and people caught on to it. The fans  reserve the right to like or dislike the music, and as artists we have the right to represent what we want to… I represent Chicago, Illinois.


Have the evolution of hip hop been a positive one?

Yes absolutely, with all of the technological advancements that we have today (Pro-Tools/Reason/Fruity Loops/Garage Band/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/CD Baby/Tunecore) that allow artists to produce entire albums and upload them for global marketing and distribution from the comfort of their homes, there will naturally be some who say that the “pureness” of the music is gone, but overall the positives outweigh the negatives.


Any new artists you’ve got your eye on?

Sweet Juices. Henri.  Cooley.  Tec & Chel. King Sandman. TheOneAndOnlyBlack.  Lisa Valadez.  Savo.  Kash Kayi. Tia London. Reggie Nickels.Too many to name.


What do you feel is missing from the game?

I think that originality is lacking from the game now…a lot of artists and producers  sound the same, they use the same drum kits and sounds, they rap the same patterns, talk about the same subjects, and they dress alike.

Also I think that the digital world lacks the intimacy of going to the record store and getting the cd or a vinyl record, and it has caused a disconnect between the artists and fans.


Why should people check out The Deep End?

Because it is a piece of Chicago Hip hop history, and this album is just a great listen. I’m rapping with all my heart on every song and I’m spitting lyrics for real. 15 original songs that will surely bang out any speaker and keep your attention from beginning to end.


What’s next?

Constant recording, networking and touring,I am also preparing to release my first book at the end of the year , and I  have a few movies and documentaries in the works as well as 4  upcoming music projects.




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