Privately, I have a lot to say about a lot of things. Over the years I have struggled to balance my strong opinions whilst walking the very thin, political line (might I add, only semi-successfully) but I can no longer bite my tongue. I have got to speak the truth. This is a post made out of LOVE- not hate. If you love something, you have got to stand up for what is right… So here goes.
Reason Number One: Say What?
I sincerely cannot make out about 90% of Young Thug’s lyrics. At running the risk as being labelled as a purist (which I am in no way such a thing), I do have a certain level of expectation regarding an artists lyrical abilities. I believe that lyrics should not only make sense… but that I should be able to hear that they make sense because the artists’ translation is coherent enough for me to do so. Then, if I want to…I can rap along. I find that when listening to a Young Thug verse, the majority of my time is spent rewinding, pausing and then eventually giving up and heading to RapGenius to shed light on the mystery lyrical content for me. Simply put – far too much work for subpar lyrics. Question that’s been buggin’ me for a short minute – how is it cool to clown IceJJFish…but bump Young Thug when they sound almost identical?

Reason Number Two: Those Tight Jeans
C’mon! Tight jeans aren’t played out yet??? What is the appeal in a man squeezing his junk into a pair of pants three sizes too small? That ain’t hip hop and there is absolutely nothing ‘thuggish’ about ridin’ around in a pair of girl jeans. I wont ramble on too much. You can see what I’m talkin’ about in the video below.


Reason Number Three: He’s The Next Corporate ‘Play Thing’
We’ve all seen them come and go. The internet sensations who have managed to clock up a few decent YouTube videos, managed to amass hoards of fans off their own backs, get snapped up by a mainstream label and given a shitty deal before being neglected like a red-headed stepchild. He’ll drop a couple of singles and mixtapes. They’ll put him on the road and work him to exhaustion and then, when it’s far too late – release his long awaited album right when everybody ceases to even care anymore. I hope I’m proven wrong. He’s a youngster and I don’t agree with anybody being pimped for the sake of corporate culture vultures adding a few more million dollars to their already bulging bank balances but I don’t think so. Would you listen to an entire album of Young Thug? I mean, really? $15 for that album? No thanks.

Reason Number Four: He’ll Probably Make The XXL Freshman Class 2015
Rich Homie Quan made this years class, beating out esteemed emcees such as Jamla’s Rapsody. With his wack, incohesive ‘style’ being branded as ‘eccentric’ and ‘unique’ – you can already sense that the industry is lubing us up for a stick one. Again, I hope to be proven wrong. I’ll be surprised if he isn’t front and centre of that list next year.

Reason Number Five: Because I’m Grown And Entitled To An Opinion
In my view, Young Thug exhibits zero skill. The rap game has been steadily falling down a long winding rabbit hole for some time and with no end in sight. We have got to do better. What has he brought that is new to the table? The ‘stoner’ thing has been done time and time again and Wiz Khalifa kinda dominates that swag now. Chief Keef already did the whole cryptic, mumbly thing and I think Young Thug’s music is of poor quality and don’t see me changing my mind anytime soon.




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