South Londoner A.King writes his own music, talented in spoken words which lead him to rap, grime and RNB; making it easy for him to adapt to different genres as he mastered the words lyrically into his music. A.King jumped on the buzz off Krept and Konan’s song ‘Don’t waste my time’ putting his own flavour on the track ‘SU-Real and A.King: ‘Don t waste my time #DWMT(remix)‘. Improves lyrically every time he delivers new music, after you thought he couldn’t get no better, from his ‘Got it Covered’ (January 2012) and Before the Crown (July 2012) and now Palmarium 2014. Delivering real and honest music, many people can relate to him and understand from their life situations.
Palmarium is an exciting album, delivering raw music, club anthems, grime, rap, sexy, and humours music with the way he plays with words. His album has 13 tracks where he expresses his love and the feel for music, truly showing the hunger he has to reach his goal in the music industry through his song ‘3am Kennigton’. The fact that A.King is a great lyricist he’s s also got some crazy (AMAZING) beats on his whole album; it has been done very professionally and shows how much work they’ve put into the album. He takes you on a journey from his experiences with friends, life, south London, music, women and the highlife of a ‘Rock star’. My favourite songs on the album: ‘Video girl’, ‘Win or Die’, ‘My brother’s keeper’‘, ‘3am Kennigton’, ‘Animus’, ‘Riding on my DOLO’ and ‘Omnia’.
The opening track is ‘Animus’ the word is related to many meanings: courage, desire, passion, motive. The word ‘Omnia’ which is the last track on the album is a Latin word meaning the end. The last track on the album only prepares you for the next A.King mixtape coming out soon this year.





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