Courtney Noelle has been rocking with Taylor Gang from the beginning. Featuring on Wiz Khalifa tracks such as “Bank Roll” and “Got Everything”, the Pittsburgh songstress has recently been signed to the Taylor Gang imprint. Having released her debut single “Fooled”, Courtney is preparing to release her mixtape Love On The Run later on this month.

Courtney Noelle chats to about life with the Taylor Gang.


You’ve been riding with Wiz for a long time now. How does it feel officially being a part of Taylor Gang?

It feels great, because like you said, I have been unofficially Taylor Gang for a long time. Now that his ideas and visions for Taylor Gang have been successful and we’re able to brand it and get our music out there and we have a following the way the Taylor’s are…It feels great being a member because the support we have from our fans – once you say you’re Taylor Gang, they automatically love you as much as they love him. It’s really been cool to see such a strong following.

Would you have considered anybody else or what is always going to be Taylor Gang?

You know what? Taylor Gang was a surprise. I had put [together] my mixtape before he had decided that he wanted to make Taylor Gang a label. We knew that down the line he would but we didn’t know it was gonna be as soon as it was. I had already been meeting with different labels in New York and I did not think that Taylor Gang was going to be an option. So when he presented it to him and obviously knowing him for so long and working with him for so long, us being such good friends…I knew that he would have my best interests and it was kind of a no-brainer.

fooledWill you be releasing the video for “Fooled” soon?

Yes. We are currently in the process of editing the video now. It will be out hopefully around the same time the mixtape’s out in March. We just actually got back the last editor’s cut and it’s ready to go.

How hectic has it been since you’ve been signed?

Very. [Laughs]As soon as I got signed we all went out to LA for two months and we just recorded. That’s when we were at the same time doing O.N.I.F.C. It was hectic. Flying back and forth. It was hectic flying back and forth from Pittsburgh to LA and then staying in LA for two months and just kinda being thrown into it. The month that I signed, there was a tour going on and after LA there was another tour. It’s just been tour and tour and tour after that. It’s been very very hectic and even now, spring summer comes around… we’re about to do SXSW in Austin and then we have another summer tour so it’s been very hectic!

Taylor has been growing steadily. What are you bringing to the crew that’s different?

I think I bring the love in Taylor Gang because everybody signed to Taylor Gang raps. Chevy raps. Berner raps. Tuki raps. Wiz raps and I’m the only person that sings. I’m the only girl for one. And I’m the only person that sings. I bring the love. Its cool listening to all the boys talk about weed and girls and cars [laughs] but our followers, the Taylor’s aren’t only men. We have girls too who are just like me and tomboys from little neighborhoods where they grew up with their brothers and guy friends and they wanna hear my point of view. They wanna hear what I go through in my relationships and after I get off stage, some of the things I go through. I bring that to the table. A different side of our group as people and someone just like them.

Tuki is a part of Taylor Gang. Have you nabbed yourself some Tuki ink yet?

Actually I haven’t. [Laughs] Every time Tuki’s around… he’s very smart now. He only brings his equipment with him sometimes so he can say “Ah. I didn’t bring my equipment” because when he does, everybody’s like “Let me get a tattoo”.  “Can you do it today?” “Can you do it tomorrow?” “What about tonight?” And he’ll be tattooing all day. On the Under The Influence tour, he was tattooing. He was the first one up and then after shows he had tattooing appointments so it’s kind of hard to get with Tuki. He’s a superstar.

It’s March. We’ve had quite a few album releases already. Have you had a chance to check anybody out?

Absolutely. I’m a huge fan of music. I am a huge Beyonce fan. Anybody who follows me on Twitter or Instagram knows that I’m a Beyonce stan. [Laughs] I haven’t taken her cd out yet. I’m a big K.Michelle fan as of recently. I love her album Rebellious Soul. Tamar Braxton has a really nice album. Yeah. Anything that came out since Christmas, I have been keeping on rotation. Mainly Beyonce.

courtney 1So you’re really more of an r&b, neo soul type of fan?

Yes. I’m just now more kind of starting to Solange. She has a more neo soul hipster type of thing. I’m a real fan of her music as of recently. Yeah. I love r&b music, I came up on SWV and TLC and En Vogue and Mariah Carey. Sade. Those are the people that I hugely like. Those are people I’d say I’m a fan of. Those are the people I listen to day in day out. Those are the girls I wanted to be like and dress like. Destiny’s Child of course played a big part of me growing up. R&b music is definitely my favorite.

Have you been keeping up with SWV Reunited?

Absolutely [Laughs]

What are you r thoughts on it so far?

I think they’re going through what any girl group would go through. I tried being in a girl group before and those are just things that happen. So many personalities but I’m just happy that they’re coming together because people want to see them. I was amazed to see their turnout for their shows because there are some venues that they go to that me and Wiz go to. I was like “Wow”. They’re packing out these venues. I know that people go to music festivals but they are headlining a lot of them so it was really interesting to watch.

Do you think you would ever do a reality TV show?

Ummm… I can’t say I never would because I think me and my family and group of friends are just the most hilarious people ever. [Laughs] Sometimes I catch myself saying “We need our own reality TV show”. I think reality TV is what the people on the show allow it to be so I would never say never.7

When will you KNOW you’ve truly made it?

Mmmm… That’s a good one. That’s hard. Because nowadays magazines just put on anybody…anyone could be on the cover. Online publications and I don’t wanna say one too small or one too big but I guess when I’ve made it to the Grammy’s. Even as a nominee or even just invited [Laughs] I’ll be like, Wow. That would be a moment for me. The publications? I’d say the Vibe who I grew up on. Elle magazine. Vogue. I read those fashion magazines. Or even if I see myself on a tabloid nowadays I’d think, Wow. This is real. You’re on a tabloid. [Laughs]

lotrTell us about your mixtape

Yeah. Sure. Love On The Run.

The whole crew’s on it, right?

Everyone except Tuki and Berner. Wiz is on it. Ty [Dolla $ign] is on it. Juicy J and Chevy are all on Love On The Run.

What do you think that listeners are really going to love about Love On The Run?

It’s really fun. You’ve gotta imagine I have all of those characters on a mixtape. It’s definitely a different sound. It’s fun. It’s about love but it’s not really traditional r&b. It’s a newer cooler r&b I believe. It takes you from happy to reminiscent. You go through a lot of feelings and then you have the rappers Juicy J, Wiz, Ty – who kind of give it a hip hop feel. It’s just like a perfect mixtape to put in your car to ride around to and listen to all the way through from beginning to end.

What else is next?

Love On The Run will be out in March. We have SXSW. Taylor Gang’s actually going to be at a couple different showcases at SXSW. Then we have summer tour that will be coming up after that and possibly another Under The Influence music tour and then I’ll be working on a new project.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Make sure you go buy “Fooled” on iTunes. And Love On The Run will be out in March and stay tuned for everything that Taylor Gang has in store this summer.



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