“Discouraged” is Marz Lovejoy’s latest track produced by Om’Mas Keith and Mike Swoop. The song has a funk feel to it with Marz’s tuneful reverbed voice filling the air.
The video of “Discouraged” which was directed by GRVTY, basically follows Marz’s journey of discouragement through her hometown Minneapolis.
The video consists of cross cutting between Marz, dressed down, walking the streets, observing the various dealings and her performing glamorously dressed. Her performance combines a monochrome look of the streets of Minneapolis with a smoky almost psychedelic Blurry vibe of her singing glamorously. Her scruffy side attempts to relate to others on the streets who might be feeling as discouraged as she is feeling. The lyrics tell a story about one of the people she met on the streets or did she? The end of her journey in her hometown results in her encouraging herself and others to get their shit together.
Watch “Discouraged” for a mellow atmosphere combined with Marz Lovejoy’s chilled out voice.






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