Wow! Ok. These young rappers hail from East London and go by the names of Showerz and Tal£nt. They are defiantly full of lyrical talent and full of rapping skill. They have produced a couple of impressive tracks like perfect which I can’t seem to stop listening to and JA Girl is another crazy +fun track. Ok my verdict- ‘JA Girl’ has a reggae feel to it but the essence of the track is true to where the guys come from and what kind of music they want to produce. They rap about life and different experiences, the song Ja Girl is about keeping it local …chasing the dream – me habit drinking coconut water at the breach.
I think their music is awesome and it brings something fresh to the UK and internal audience. They’ve set their bar high and their only 18 years old. I’ll be keeping an eye on them and I’m sure you’ll be hearing their music and seeing them at a lot of gigs very soon.




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