It’s been a hard couple of years for Mister Cee. The past weekend he was forced to endure public ridicule after getting caught picking up a transsexual prostitute by the NYPD. His team at Hot97 invited him in to explain his side of the story earlier on today, which he did. I’m really not sure whether the interview helped him out in any way.  It made me wonder why everybody is so fascinated with celebs ‘coming out’? Do we really care about what people we don’t really know personally are doing or does everybody just like a good old gossip?
I wouldn’t even know where to place myself on the subject. Picking up prostitutes is definitely not a healthy past time but neither is smashing a hoard of groupies week after week (that seems to be acceptable though). Perhaps we are just all really concerned about his safety. Whatever the reasons, I hope this incident isn’t the final nail the career coffin. He has openly stated that he both needs and receives help and he should continue to be supported through his addiction. Check out the audio of the interview below.





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