Is this kid the future of Boston Hip-Hop?
At 17, the confident emcee we present to you maybe the next Big Thing out of Boston; and he doesn’t even realize it.

Introducing… APOLLO KNOX

When I heard about Apollo Knox I was alerted by an instant message from our good friend EX-P from Jersey Sound Lab. He was raving about this kid who just rocked the stage during Wreck Shop’s “Formula 7” at Church of Boston. He was up there with Internal Quest who was also performing. If you know EX-P, you would understand that he’s never quick to co-sign anyone. I checked Apollo Knox out for myself. Apollo Knox got skills! I wanted to get to know more about the kid behind the mic. Let’s find out about the phenom in his own words.

Before we start tell us where your from?
Salem, MA

Where did the name Apollo Knox originate from?
I had the name Apollo for a while, originally just because he was the Greek god of music. Later I researched that he is also the God of truth, knowledge, and medicine. Coincidently A.P are my initials. Then I added the “Knox” to distance myself from other names associated with Apollo and turn the name into more of an identity.

What first got you interested in making your own Hip-Hop? Which artists do you most admire or look up to?
Before I was an emcee I used to be real heavy into graffiti. And I’ve always had a talent for writing, got hooked to hip hop at a young age so it was only a matter of time until I tried my hand at it. For the most part I look up to the artists that have paved their own lane, and solidified longevity without having to change their material. It’s what makes them timeless.

What draws you to Hip-Hop in the first place?
For rapping? The competitive element. From a fan standpoint, it’s the most direct source for the truth if you listen to the right music.

We hear that you just performed for the very first time. How was that experience?
Incredible. Blessed to have got the chance to open for artists of that caliber.

At the age of 17, do you feel any pressure when your around more established artists?
Not at all, if anything I view it as an opportunity to learn something.

At the age of 17, do you feel any responsibility to keep Hip-Hop relevant?
Not exactly relevant, but to bridge the gap between generations because

How do you think Boston Hip-Hop is viewed in the world of Hip-Hop?
I don’t think it is viewed anywhere close to how much it deserves, I hope to change that.

Who are your influences?
I would have to say my main influences are Nas, Elzhi, Method Man, Dilla, Sean Price and Kendrick Lamar.

What are some of your goals?
To be one of the best of all time and make music that remains classic decades from now.

Who are some rappers & producers you would like to work with?
The Alchemist, Premo, Pete Rock, Beat Butcha, Rza, Just Blaze. Roc Marciano, Black Milk, Reks, Raekwon, Buckshot, Ab-Soul, and Joey Bada$$.

In three words, sum up your style of Hip-Hop.
Raw. Real. Original.

How can people contact you?
Facebook – Apollo Knox

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