Detroit musician/producer Moonchild has over the past few years, been steadily raising his profile as Michigan’s ‘go to guy’ for beats.
In Spetember he released “For The Love Of Music Part One” –  a free album which featured some of Michigan’s finest indie acts. The album has been embraced by the hip hop community and the buzz continues to grow, but we wanna know… Who is Moonchild?


How did you get the name “Moonchild”?
Moonchild: It’s a funny story. I have two older brothers and back in the day I used to be real light skinned and I used to have a big head too so they used to be like “You look like a moon”. All my people used to say it too. So I used to get teased and it just kinda stuck. It’s something that I used to get mad at, but I just turned it into something that was just me. I just flipped it and started running with it. That’s pretty much the story of how Moonchild came about.
What came first for you, production or rapping?
Moonchild: Back in the day I was rapping for a minute but I was kinda wack. It was always my passion to be behind the scenes and orchestrate things. I was never really the performer type. Once I got on the beats, that was more my calling than tryna rap. Rap is not really my personality. I’m more of a kind of laid back dude. I’d rather stay behind the scenes and orchestrate what’s going on.


Who were some of your earlier influences?
Moonchild: I came up in Michigan so I would say my brother, who was doing his music thing in Michigan pretty heavy.  My cousin “Uncle P” who’s also very well known in Michigan and has been doing his thing for years.  I came up under them and they were already kind of doin’ it at a certain level, I would say they groomed me a little bit. In regards to my musical influences, as far as production goes would be– J Dilla, Timbaland and DJ Premier are my 3 favourite producers and inspirations.

Who are some of your favourite artists out right now?
Moonchild: I would have to say Kendrick Lamar is on the top of the list right now, I’ve been going heavy on Kendrick lately, really listening to what he’s doing. I’m not up on everybody but he just hit me. I wasn’t really up on his music until four of five months ago, I was kinda sleeping on him. Also I would say J Cole, Elzhi, and Slaughterhouse are all real  dope.
You recently dropped “Love of Music Part 1”. When is part 2 coming and what can we expect?
Moonchild: Part 2 is pretty much done. I’m waiting on one vocal session from one of the artists, then I’ll be done. I’m tryna get it out within November or early December. As far as the sound, it’s still hip hop but it’s not as much of an underground feel as the first one and it’s a little more musical but it’s still got that grit to it. If you liked the first one, you’ll definitely like part 2. I’ve got a new artist on part 2 from Detroit, his name is Crown Royale. Nobody knows about him yet but he is a beast. Over the next year, people are really going to know about him.  The album will also feature Michigan up and coming emcees Drew 32, Glory, Fellow Hood, Jus Ra, and Logos.


You can download Moonchild’s free album “For The Love Of Music Part 1” and listen to some of his other projects by clicking the links below.

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