On Monday, we brought you an exclusive G.Huff interview. Now we bring the the producer of the dope album “Where Do We Go From Here” – Vice Souletric Beats.

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Tell us a bit out yourself (introduce yourself)

I am a hip hop producer, graphic artist, lover of God, music,  and lasagne.


How long have you been a lover of hip hop?

I have loved hiphop since about the age of 7, ever since my big brother introduced me to Run DMC, Eric B. and Rakim, and Public Enemy.


Why did you give yourself the name Vice Souletric?

“Vice” is short for “Ill Advice” which is my former MC name. “Souletric” is a description of my production. I try to create a mixture of soul with a futuristic twist.


You produced G. Huff’s “Where Do We Go From Here”, how was the experience of making the album for you?

It was the best experience I have had as a producer. To find an MC that is truly an artist and knows how to create quality songs with your production is priceless. It is also hard to find someone with the serious drive and work ethic. The workflow was smooth as well. I would give Huff beats, and he would hit me back later that night or the next day with a DOPE song completed! The further we went into the process, the better the chemistry became, and we etched out a commendable work of art.


I recently interviewed G Huff who said he was not shocked by the huge positive response to the album, were you?

I am a believer that hard work really does pay off. Not only does hard work pay off, but attention to detail helps a lot as well. We created the album from a hip hop lover’s perspective so we figured that true connoisseur’s of music would enjoy the project. G. Huff touched on a range of topics and emotions, making the music accessible and relatable. So I guess my answer is no. *laughs*.


Who would you say has been the biggest influence(s) on Vice Souletric’s beat making process?

Good music touches emotions and paints a mental picture for the listener. It also makes you move automatically. With that said I try to create beats with the smoothness of Pete Rock, technical clarity of Hi-Tek, creativity of J. Dilla, and with the “it” factor of Dj Premier. 


What makes your sound so different?

I think the fact I am from the Midwest makes my sound different. I have no bias about south, east, or west coast sounds.  Though I do have a heavy boom bap influences to sequencing, I try to make music with no barriers or guidelines. A lot of people tell me my style is “unorthodox” . I always try to create my own melodies too, instead of just relying on looping a sample. The best beats have a good balance of the sample and original keys and instruments.


Are there any artists out right now who you would like to work with in the near future?

I would love to work with Busta Rhymes, Jay-z, Royce Da 5’9”, Drake, Skyzoo, Rah Digga, I could do this all day.

What’s in the ‘Works’ for Vice Souletric?

G. Huff and I have another project in the works. I am also working on projects with Bronx MC, City Da God, Cleveland MC, Drastic, and the homies Hi Jinks and El One of Code Red are working over some of my production right now.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Any shout outs?

I want to let your readers know that G. Huff and Vice Souletric are here for the long haul to give lovers of hip hop what they really want, which is the truth! Shout outs go to everyone supporting the movement!

Where can our readers find you?

Check me out at www.vicebeats.com, http://ghuffandvice.tumblr.com, www.twitter.com/vicegotbeats and facebook – Vice Souletric Beats.

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