After the recent uproar in the UK, many had a lot to say about the “London Riots”. As we stood by and witnessed many of our own communities break down as frustrated citizens lashed out against years of oppression, racial profiling and the governments brutal cuts to both the welfare systems and community engagement programs. In the wake of it all, many now seek solutions and wonder how we will ever work our way back to unity in some way or another. It seems the Spin Doctor has the perfect medicine to ease some of the disharmony. Not a permanent cure but for one night at least – we will boogie the night away as some of London’s top Dj’s spin the hottest tracks at the “London Riot’s Fundraiser” on September 9th as well as raising money for those deeply affected by the destruction.

Rawroots will be attending the event, but we wanted to chop it up with the Spin Doctor before the big night. Here’s our interview with one of London’s coolest promoters.



Who is the Spin Doctor?

SPIN DOCTOR: I am a DJ and promoter from North London. A vinyl junkie, sneaker head and Arsenal fan.

How did you come into the game and what has kept you here?

SPIN DOCTOR: I have been collecting vinyl for years and started taking them to people’s house parties before I even has decks. A mate suggested I get turntables and that was the big kick off! From there I started spinning anywhere I could building a rep and then 6 years ago I set up The Doctor’s Orders.

You have showcased some pretty huge names in the game over the years. Who have been some of your favourites and why?

SPIN DOCTOR: Wow that is a tough call. On a personal level I have made some great friends and had the pleasure of working with some true legends.  The line ups we put together for the BBE Records anniversaries were off the hook including the likes of Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, Louie Vega and Marley Marl. On the regular Mr Thing kills every event he plays and the sets played by ?uestlove and Neil Armstrong have had the crowds bumping from wall to wall.

Top 3 greatest tracks of all time and why?

SPIN DOCTOR: Wow that is pretty much impossible! There are so many incredible tracks that I love for different reasons. Some tunes that get a great reaction in the club and create a buzz on the dance-floor I would never listen to at home and there are tunes I absolutely love that would flop in the club. If I could pick three albums they might be… Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders, J-Dilla – The Shining & The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds.

Greatest producer of all time is…


Explain the correlation between Hip Hop and the Community?

SPIN DOCTOR: Well in what I do in terms of throwing parties and spinning what I hope are fun sets it is my aim to bring people together and make the events welcoming to as many people as possible. Hip-Hop is often seen as being quite exclusive and sometimes intimidating so I like nothing more than when people tell me “I’m not really a Hip-Hop fan but came to your event and loved it”. If we can make sure people see Hip-Hop in a more positive light and feel involved then all the better.

Does Hip Hop have an obligation to Society to be positive at all times?

SPIN DOCTOR: I think we all do as individuals and as part of any community or society you consider yourself to be part of. Negativity breeds negativity so why not make your life and those around you better by try to be positive?

What made you decide to do a London Riots Fundraiser and how did you feel about the riots?

SPIN DOCTOR: The Doctor’s Orders tries to do 2 charity led events a year, one always being the annual J-Dilla tribute we do so when we saw trouble on our own door step then we felt we had to try and do something. I think the riots need to be treated as a real wake up call especially, but not only, to the people in power that there are a lot of angry lost young people out there that need engaging and a sense of belonging. While I do not agree with the actions of many of the people involved I can see and understand some of the underlying causes and if we can do a little bit to help then all the better.

Who else will be spinning on the night and what can we expect from the nights events?

SPIN DOCTOR: We have an incredible line up including Mr Thing, Phil Asher, Excalibah, Kid Kanevil and loads more. Our aim is to make it a straight up party and try and bring something positive out of a pretty damming and depressing situation.


What does Doctors Orders have planned over the next few months?

SPIN DOCTOR: Essentially just more and more great parties for one and all! We have Erick Sermon doing an exclusive DJ set for us. We are re-launching our ‘On The Real’ night at a new venue and with a new line up of residents. We have a live show by Random Axe and Jehst which is gonna be huge and we are just finalising our plans for our first ever New Year’s Eve event!

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By Ayara Pommells

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