The incarceration of Max B, in my eyes was a pretty tragic loss. Before the ‘Wavy’ rapper was sentenced to 75 years back in 2009 for armed robbery and murder conspiracy, there were rumours of a possible signing to G-Unit. Whether you liked his music or not, could anybody really deny that he was original?
Charlie Wingate AKA Max ‘Bigavelli’ has announced that he will be releasing an official album from behind bars.
The album, entitled ‘Coke Wave LP’ will be released with an accompanying mini movie. Max B was interview by ‘Mikey T the Movie Star’.
Max said – “We gon’ do even better. We’re gon’ do the Coke Wave album. We’re going to give it up, we’re going to do it officially. It’s going to be real wavy. Be on point for that,” he said. “And the Coke Wave mini-movie. We gon’ give it to ‘em real. We got a lotta big plans. I wanna do a reality TV show, I wanna do my own shit. It’s going to be a big thing.”
Max B also stated that he wishes to jump on the Reality TV Show bandwagon. And why not? Everybody else is doing it. I’d rather watch a reality show about Max B, who actually has some charisma and talent, than most of the other ones flooding out flat screens…
Looking forward to the album. Rawroots will keep you posted.

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